The AMC Petition

Please sign this petition HERE to so that it:

* Helps raise awareness of the array of financial rights for women in the Koran? 

* Pro-actively educates us all on the role of women in Islam?

The petition is launched to celebrate International Womens' Day Sunday March 8. World Islam Day on 9 March 2015*. The day Prophet Muhammed gave his last sermon in which he reminded Muslim men to be kind to their women. 

Also to honour The Golden Age of Islam. An era when education, inspired learnings within the Muslim world was at its height. 

This petition aims to help raise awareness of the rights given in Islam to Muslim women. Created by Yasmin Choudhury, her plan is to help outlaw primogeniture and increase awareness the financial freedom given to women under Islam by the Holy Qu'ran.  You can read her own personal story on why she created it - here.  


There are at least 17 potential income streams/allowances/alms that can be grouped into five main categories as follows:

THE AMC Petition - showing income/allowances/alms for women in the Koran

1. Mahr (dowry or wedding gift) to the bride from the groom;
2. Guaranteed Share Of Inheritance (every time one of 12 types of relatives die);
3. Private Wealth (Assets, Property, Business Share, Income/Earnings) which cannot be touched by any man and from which annaul deductions for alms are made;
4. Mahram Maintenance. Food, clothes, education, shelter allowance provided by closest male relative (e.g. father, husband, brother);
5. Alms & Social benefits (open to any qualifying eligible Muslim man and woman). Zakat which is compulsory charity on the wealthy of at least 2.5% once a threshold is crossed. Sadaqah, voluntary charity payment). But she must be eligible as 'Fuqara' (the poor) or the 'Masakeen' (the needy).
Not to forget a woman's right to divorce, right to consent in her own marriage. And of keeping her own name. All given in seventh century Arab.

History Of Women In Islam:
1 of 2 The Powerful Women In Islam (via @yasminisyasmin)

2 of 2 The Powerful Women In Islam (via @yasminisyasmin)
Diagrams above show the various female historical figures in ancient Islam I had little knowledge of.  I found at least seven (RAH Ayesha, Khadijah, Hafsah, Fatima, Sumayya, Umm Salama, Hajra). Their stories of bravery, intellect and campaign on rights is astonishing. Yet this information is fragmented.  And is not deemed key in the education of many Muslim kids, women and men. 

Petition Story
AMC Petition is named after Yasmin Choudhury's late father's initial (Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury) - a key advocate of Muslim Women's education.  He died without being fully informed of the financial rights and role of women in history of Islam.

It is why Yasmin wants to raise awareness so that every Muslim woman, child and man is pro-actively taught this information. 

*9 March 632 is believed to be the same date* when Prophet Muhammed was delivered his last sermon in which he entreated his followers to remember many of his instructions to fight social injustice, reminded them of animal rights and moreover to treat women well and as 'partners'. 

(*632 A.C., 9th day of Dhul al Hijjah, 10 A.H. in the 'Uranah valley of Mount Arafat.) 

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