Everyone from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh, Agnostic, Atheist - let's all unite. Whatever faith you have, please sign. Whatever your age or gender, sign. 

Sign this petition even if you do not believe or agree with the Islamic faith. Or are an ex-Muslim.  

To sign THE AMC Petition will help deliver good.  The world needs more Muslim women to become empowered.  We need to stop the rotten barrels of bad apples (horrid brainwashed) from abusing and disrespecting women.  

It's a game-changer. It starts a new debate? It could start a new change?

Many Muslim men do control women. They misuse their wealth. 

And education among Muslim women in UK is falling.

“In the population as a whole, young women are more likely to go to university than young men," wrote James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph Executive Editor, Politics. "But among British Muslims, the pattern is reversed, with three Muslim boys going on to higher education for every two women. Equalising those numbers would send another 50,000 Muslim women university”.

James you are spot on. Read his full article here.


Created by Yasmin Choudhury who says:

If there is a fundamental error I have made, please write in to peace@worldislamday.org or find me via my personal twitter account @yasminisyasmin

My own story and FAQs on why I did this can be found via her website here.

I am an everyday woman, who has been privately researching Islam. With the help of some fellow tweeps. And I am shocked information on womens' rights was not taught to me. Nor the young Muslim girls or youth I meet.

I am not a representative of Muslims or of Muslim women. Nor do I speak on their behalf.

I am not affiliated to any think tank, Muslim sect or organisation, mosque. It is just me, myself and I.

Many Muslim men and women DO empower and practice the rights I want promoting. But in my experience they are often modest and kept private. 
My experience is not everybody's experience. My personal community refers only to the circles I grew up in. The few scholars I have spoken to in UK told me they do not have the funds nor the means to get this truth out. One Imam told me he is  devastated that this information is kept hidden especially among British Muslim families whose heritage often hails from Indian, Bangladesh and Pakistan.  


Hashtag #WID (World Islam Day) is an annual event 9 March where everyone (Muslim or not) including well known people are invited to share something or someone inspiring.  They can be related to Islam. Or not.   

The purpose is to get back to the Golden Age Of Islam - where the concept of Ijtihad (Arabic for 'effort') and pursuit of knowledge was celebrated. Anyone can tweet. 

Use #WID on 9 March to share information you got from The AMC Petition about women's rights. Someone from the annals of history. To a shout out for someone who is a role model for society even if they are doing it at a very ordinary everyday level. It could be a friend, neighbour, colleague. Or  a person you admire or love to be with - be it your other half, your parents to a scholar or teacher.  Use Facebook or Twitter by to tell me what you choose on 9 March 2015 - then add #WID  in the sentence.

Deemed to correspond to the Ninth Day Of Dhul Hijjah 10 A.H. in the Uranah valley of Mount Arafat. In Mecca, today in Saudi Arabia.  When Prophet Muhammed delivered his last sermon. A reminder to Muslim men to be kind to women and animals. To give them their rights. He was vocal at entreating the men to "treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers". More about it is here. 


To help stop the hate. To remind the world that Islam need not be feared. Of all the good it has brought to the world. Most of all? To inspire you.  Whatever your background, belief, state of faith, or race.  That's why I got involved. 


Everyone. This site is for those of you - Muslims (whatever denomination you are), non-Muslims, ex-Muslims, atheists, agnostics to learn more about islam - and why it is admired by nearly 2 billion people today.   So that this faith is a cause to celebrate. And will help you connect with everyday Muslims who up until now, like me, are wringing our hands to ask 'what can we do to prove Islam is a wonderful concept?'

From posts written by a panel of curated collaborators and contributors, none of whom are paid. On why they love Islam?  Why they converted? Or of their own experiences to search for islam and how it helps them.  As well as content from some of the foremost independent authors, academics and scholars who examine islam diligently and fairly.

Many of us on this site who will help post are not experts. Nor scholars.  Some are still finding their way in.  And their passion is infectious.  And are kind, good souls who also have a sense of humour.  Therefore are ideal as candidates to help connect those of you who do not have any experience of Islam.  


The site is paid and owned for by Yasmin Choudhury. This site is not for profit. It never will be.  It is not affiliated in any way to any Govt, organisation nor political movement.  And if any money was received by any third party we would declare it. Currently in progress is a code of conduct by which all collaborators or contributors will sign up to.  Which means every person on here puts humanity - first.  

Moreover we will not tolerate any hate.  And for those who want a heated debate about the content on this site (unless there are any factual errors or omissions) - I direct you to Twitter. Or other debate forum platforms such as Quora.  

PBUH – ‘Peace Be Upon Him’;
R.A.H - Blessings Upon Her

By Yasmin Choudhury

I do not represent anyone or any group. Just myself.  I respect people who practice or differ from my own belief in islam. And ask you to help me? So we can create a better, peaceful  world that all our children can enjoy.   

The AMC Petition and World Islam Day are both part of my 'Ijtihad' (aka effort) to show evidence on why everyday Muslims need to start reclaiming our faith away from the horridness being perpetrated in Islam's name.  And to shine a light of the work being done by millions of Muslims who are making incredible contributions to the world.   

I am ordinary British woman. Born into an orthodox tribal community myself who was taught hate, divide and a practice of Islam that is not true.   I have only recently learnt myself how the true peace, love and compassion and beauty in Islam was systematically hidden away. And I got so upset at this injustice, I decided to help set up a website to help champion World Islam Day. Paid for from my own pocket. 

I am a work in progress (WIP) Muslim! I do not fully practice all of the rituals of Islam yet. But I started to embrace it again slowly last year.  I was born into a devout Muslim family but walked away when I realised that I was being taught more about tribalism and culturalism than about Islam. 

I am shocked to learn of some famous converts and the trail of legacies left behind by scholarly inventors, thinkers and philosophers who were Muslims living many centuries ago - without whom the modern world could not function today. As well as the deep respect for human and animal life.  

One of the issues I myself am fascinated about is the gender balance that is ordained in the Koran. And the array of educational and financial rights afforded to women.   To help get this information out, I hope to launch The AMC Petition by 9 March 2015.  

I bought this domain to try and help world to unite particularly on 9 March in memory of the loving and wonderful concept of Islam. 

Despite strong attempts by some evil people to hijack Islam, from my own research I've found evidence it did help society and women.  That Islam can, and still is, very much a belief system that serves to inspire much of humanity (1.6 billion).  As well as help those in need.  And how many non-Muslims seem fearful and assume all Muslim people are bad because of Islam. 

I truly am an everyday Muslims who got fed up with how the world is now full of hate, scaremongering and divide.   Most of all the growing rise of hate for Islam. And attacks in Muslim women who wear hijab. 


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