Get ready.  For World Islam Day March 9. 

Peace, Love. Unity.

A chance to learn more on the positive and inspiring contribution made by Islam. A day that marks the ongoing contribution by Muslims (regardless of sects) who unite to come together to to show why they love Islam. And how this faith does love humanity, compassion and peace. 

This is not a site that will accept hate, dogma or rhetoric. Nor is it sponsored nor affiliated to any political, religious or sectarian cause. 

The website is being run by various everyday Muslim volunteers.  There is no profit being made. 

World Islam Day was already started a few years back as wiki shows. It is unclear whose concept it is. 

But in 2015 worldislamday.org was purchased by Yasmin Choudhury, a British Muslim woman in London with money from her own pocket. In an effort to help the world be reminded of the good that Islam has and is doing. To help explain the personal stories of everyday Muslims who follow the faith and why they do so. 

Just so we as humanity can stem some of the hate, Islamaphobia and scaremongering that is happening. The unnecessary divide and injustice being done to fellow Muslims and non-Muslims in the name of Islam - by those who twist it into a false perversion. 

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